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Lively Theme brings a modern design to your Confluence including dashboard widgets and an extended space navigation.

On this page:

Activating Lively Theme

Go to the Look and Feel / Themes section, select Lively Theme and confirm.

Dashboard Widgets

Lively Theme provides widgets for example for Confluence inline tasks, the Confluence Questions plugin or the Team Calendars plugin. Third party plugins are also able to provide widgets for the Lively Theme dashboard. In addition, a Confluence Administrator can add custom widgets that display the content of a Confluence page on the dashboard.

Widgets can be edited and created on the Widget settings page in the Confluence Administration area.

Provided Widgets

Provided widgets can just be edited, not added or deleted, because they are provided by the Lively Theme plugin or by third party plugins.

Those attributes can be adjusted:

AttributeDefault valueDescription

The title of the widget.

Can be any text. Example: My Open Tasks

Color#b8b8b8 (gray)

The widget top color.

This must be a 6 digit color hex code, preceded by the pound sign. Example: #7B0800

PositionleftThe left or right column dashboard. Example: left
Weight-1 (at the bottom)A number, determining the vertical position inside a column. Greater values will be displayed on top and lower ones on the bottom. Example: 800
HiddennoIndicates whether the widget should be displayed or not. Example: no
Further Actions

Further actions are links that are displayed with an icon on the top right of a widget.

Actions are defined as a JSON array of action objects with these keys:

typeOnly "link" is accepted as a type at the moment. Example: link
linkThe link where the action should point to. This can be an external link (http://...) or an internal link. Example: /plugins/inlinetasks/mytasks.action
iconThe AUI Icon code. Example: arrows-right
tiitleThe title of the action. Can be any text. Example: Tasks

Full Example:

    "type": "link",
    "icon": "arrows-right",
    "title": "Tasks",
    "link": "/plugins/inlinetasks/mytasks.action"

Custom Widgets

Custom widgets need a page where the content of the widget is pulled from, otherwise they have the same attributes as provided widgets. The page attribute uses the format:


For example the page "New Year's Countdown" in the space "ABC" must be entered as "ABC:New Year's Countdown"

Space Navigation

The default Confluence space navigation on the top left is replaced by a tabbed navigation.

These tabs are available:

Recent spacesThe top 10 most recent visited spaces.
My spacesAll the users favourite spaces, sorted by name.
CategoriesAll the spaces grouped by a space category.

Download Lively Theme for Confluence
from the Atlassian Marketplace and
try it for free! 

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