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Release 3.8.0 MINOR

Released on  

  • Added timeouts and resource limits
  • Better error message for REST results that can not be interpreted as a table

Release 3.7.0 MINOR

Released on  

  • More information available in converters
  • Robustness and stability improvements
  • A series of minor bugfixes

Release 3.6.2 BUGFIX

Released on  

  • Fix wiki markup compatibility
  • Fix for cache key creation bug

Release 3.6.1 BUGFIX

Released on  

  • Fixed "Add results to Confluence search" checkbox not getting saved in some cases.

Release 3.6.0 MINOR

Released on  

  • Introduced PocketQuery CORE for cross product compatability (PocketQuery for JIRA is coming!). These are merely refactoring changes and won't be noticed from admin-/user-side.Adjusted styling of default template to look like the default Confluence table

  • Fixed "add query" button not showing up in the PocketQuery admin after adding the first Datasource

  • Fixed a rare NullPointerException for REST Custom Auth

  • Fixed PocketQuery result indexing missing some columns

  • Reintroduced a previously removed data-attribute (data-query) for compatibility with older templates

Release 3.5.0 MINOR

Released on  

Release 3.4.1 BUGFIX

Released on  

  • Bugfix: Prevent unnecessary popup (when anonymous access on iPad)
  • Bugfix: Improve parameter encoding and handling of special characters (Note: This might lead to problems if the percentage sign was used in parameter values, please refer to this article.)

Release 3.4.0 MINOR

Released on  

  • Import/export for single entities in the PocketQuery administration.
  • New user role: PocketQuery editors, that can maintain queries, templates and converters, but no datasources.
  • Security: Debug information is now only shown to PocketQuery admins/editors.
  • Usability improvement for the PocketQuery administration: work in several tabs simultanously.
  • Created PocketQuery Macro Usage (PQMU) examples for deeper insights.
  • Deprecated the function PocketQuery.load() of the JS API.
  • Several bugfixes

Release 3.3.0 MINOR

Released on 

  • Usage information in the PocketQuery administrations:
    • For each template, converter, or datasource in which query is used
    • For each query on which pages it is used
    • General usage statistics on the dashboard
  • Improvements for the Macro Browser and a small fix

Please note: Starting with this release, PocketQuery uses Active Objects

Release 3.2.0 MINOR

Released on 

  • PocketQuery administration: Filter queries by datasource
  • Extended support of parameter wildcards (e.g. @pagetitle): They can now be used directly within a query in the PocketQuery administration

Release 3.1.1 BUGFIX

Released on 

Bugfix: Fix issue with multiple Google charts on one page

Release 3.1.0 MINOR

Released on 

  • Possibility to draw Google charts within any given HTML container
  • Support for Google material charts
  • Support for REST APIs using OAuth 2 for authorization
  • Usability improvements for adding and editing entities in the administration (e.g. new form layout, clearer highlightning of active objects, scrolling entity lists and improved sorting)
  • Deprecation of the old way to call PocketQuery.chart(), now only PocketQuery.chart(chartType, options) is supported

Release 3.0.2 BUGFIX

Released on 

Bugfix: Fixed sorting on page load of entities in admin lists

Release 3.0.1 BUGFIX

Released on   


  • Prevent encoding of quotes in JSON path field
  • Make "=" work in request parameters and headers
  • Improved license information

Release 3.0.0 MAJOR

Released on  

  • Introducing a new type of datasources: REST APIs
  • Converters offer a new way to style and process your result before displaying it
  • Facelift for the PocketQuery administration for better UX
  • The pop-up dialog in the default template can now be enabled or disabled via a simple setting ("doubleclick:false")
  • When using the dynamic parameter option, it is now possible to use the “%” sign within the parameter value (URL encoded as “%25”).
  • Data center compatibility
  • Various smaller issues, e.g. improved error reporting and minor bugfixes

Release Overview

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